A solution that brings significant energy savings

Thanks to companies such as SEAK Electronics, the idea of living in smart cities
anywhere on the planet is an economically achievable goal rather than a futuristic vision.

“Let there be light” – exactly when it’s needed the most

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, smart cities can be energy efficient. Until recently, solutions for street lighting were costly and unreliable. However, the lighting management technology developed by Prešov-based SEAK needs nothing but power cords – a cheap solution which can work anywhere on the planet.


of the world’s energy
consumption is used for

Up to

of energy can be saved
thanks to smart lighting

5 km

is the lighting technology

„In Slovakia, unique solutions are emerging in areas with a huge number of global competitors.” Smart cities are topical these days, and we’re very attracted to the idea as an investment opportunity, which is why we bought into SEAK Electronics. In addition to providing support for the company, we are also looking for potential synergies between their solutions and our development projects.“
Martin Koreň, Investment Manager
„As well as the much-needed capital, ARKON’s investment in SEAK brought contacts and deeper business cooperation. ARKON is a highly reliable partner for us.“
Heliodor Macko, CEO SEAK

in figures

2017 ARKON becomes SEAK’s co-partner
40 employees
1,500,000 euro in annual sales

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