A unique production facility gets a second chance, just in time.

The existence of a traditional producer which produces an important additive for various industrial products,
was jeopardised by a technological change. Our investment helped the factory get up and running again.

What do skin creams, paints, tyres,
and feedstuffs have in common?

They all contain zinc white – a compound that SlovZink has been producing for over a hundred years. However, when the factory recently introduced a new technology after more than a century, it almost brought it to its knees. At the eleventh hour, we managed to restructure it and get the banks to give us a second chance. Thankfully, it was a success! SlovZink has recently expanded its portfolio from rubber products to include products for a whole range of sectors and produces twice the amount of zinc white it used to.

years of

of zinc white production


of annual zinc white
planned per year

99,9995 %
pure zinc white

suitable for cosmetics
and food products

„We always try to find unique factories that produce unique products. SlovZink had nobody to turn to for a helping hand, but we felt it deserved a second chance. We bought a majority share, gave the experts working at SlovZink some time, and counted on their expertise. The current results speak volumes.“
Andrej Konkoľ - CEO and Founder

Baron Schenk established
the first industrial
production in Košeca


The production of
zinc white is launched

624 tones

was the annual capacity in
the first year of production

in figures

2014 ARKON invests in the SlovZink group
70 employees
35,000,000 euro in annual sales
24 number of zinc white buyers in Europe

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