In the summer 2016,

ARKON decided to invest into the development of one of the most promising technologies worldwide and entered the Slovak high-tech company GA Drilling.
GA Drilling is introducing the breakthrough PLASMABIT technological platform, which quickly and efficiently disrupts individual layers of rock and thus outmatches traditional methods of deep drilling. This technology, based on the use of electric plasma with no real competition in the field of drilling and mailing, will find a broad use in the whole mining industry – from crude oil drillings, through construction of tunnels and ending with the acquisition of clean and renewable geothermal energy for an uninterrupted use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It dramatically saves time and costs and contributes to the overall ecology of the processes.

ARKON entered GA Drilling

at the time of preparations for field testing of the first application of the technology with the aim to support and accelerate the completion of development of the application and its early introduction to the market. GA Drilling is a member of several European organizations and platforms and holds 12 patents in the deep drilling and materials disintegration technologies. At the Central European Digital Forum New York City co-organised with Google Venture, GA Drilling was included among the most dynamic technology innovators from the V4 countries and belongs to the 25 best European high-tech companies within the European Venture Contest.