The First Acquisition

opportunity for our company was the 2011 purchase of the majority share in CINEMAX, a company operating a network of multi-screen cinemas in the Slovak Republic. Shortly after our entry, CINEMAX expanded its existing network by acquiring Europa Cinemas, a new six-screen cinema in the Europa Shopping Centre in Banská Bystrica. Thanks to this acquisition, CINEMAX became the dominant, and the biggest, operator of cinemas in Slovakia.

While we kept our interest

in the company, digitalisation – replacement of classic cine-projectors by state-of-the-art projectors of high image and sound quality – took place in cinemas all over the world. We digitalised all cinema screens in all establishments of the company in a comparatively short period of time. Owing to this, our company is today able to provide the cinema-goers with above-standard experience in each of its cinemas. ARKON sold its share in CINEMAX in May 2014.