Majority Acquired

In 2014, our company acquired majority share in SlovZink. The SlovZink group consists of two other companies: ZENCOR and ZINOX. The purchase of share took place in two phases and was completed by the acquisition of the entire share (100%) in all three companies in December 2014.
SlovZink is a manufacturing plant with a 100+ year tradition in the thermal processing of the metal – zinc. Its end product is the zinc white (ZnO) used as an additive in the rubber, food, pharmaceutical and ceramic industries and to a small degree in other industries.

100+ year tradition

ARKON entered SlovZink at the time of approval of the restructuring plan of the company. With its capital, ARKON helped to satisfy this plan and accelerate production so that the original production level was reached and potential for further growth was created. The annual production capacity of ZnO currently stands at 17,000 tons, with big multinational companies both in Slovakia and outside Slovakia belonging among the main consumers of its end products.