Former SLOVENKA factory

Premises of the former SLOVENKA factory
in the centre of Banská Bystrica are about to change.

SLOVENKA – former premises

We have the ambition to change the premises of the former textile factory, which has not served its purpose for a long time and which is well known to the inhabitants of Banská Bystrica, but is situated in the attractive area neighbouring the historical centre, into one of the most lucrative and at the same time biggest development projects in the town dominated by the Urpín mountain. In the coming years, a completely new multifunctional group of buildings will rise on the area of more than 4 hectares in the centre of Banská Bystrica.

Vision and time schedule

As the investor and developer, we see the year 2017 as a year of preparations. According to the plan, in the following year the territory will be cleared of any remnants of the original structures. The construction of the first phase of the multifunctional zone “Strieborná” is planned to commence as early as 2019.

Intention and first steps

For a long time, we were determined to expand our development activities in Banská Bystrica. We are dedicated to this region, so it was only a matter of time until we found a suitable place for the construction of a new and modern residential and multifunctional centre for the inhabitants of Banská Bystrica. We instructed architects to prepare a comprehensive study of the whole area of the former premises of Slovenka as early as the preparation of legal documents in April of 2017.


In July 2017, we became owners of a part of the lands in the former premises of Slovenka located in close vicinity of Strieborné square. Once the transaction is finalised, which we expect to happen soon, we will become owners of the relevant area of 46,157 square metres in total. Legal assistance for the transaction, the preparation of which took more than 6 months, was provided by the law firm Taylor Wessing.

Architectural study

We instructed Matej Grébert’s and Juraj Benetin’s atelier Compass, the architects behind several successful projects in Bratislava (e.g. residential complex Slnečnice, Urban Residence, Ahoj Park or Nové Lido), to carry out the architectural and town planning work. Atelier Compass prepared the initial study of the multifunctional zone divided into functional units whose implementation will take place in stages.

Juraj Benetin (architectural atelier Compass): “The study is based on the zoning plan of Banská Bystrica and represents first and foremost a logical solution for the area situated close to the centre. All proposed functions such as living, administration, shops or relax in conjunction with underground parking and outside resting areas smoothly and naturally blend together and will fill-in the currently empty and unused area along the Bystrica stream north of Strieborné square”.