Helping a traditional manufacturer of engineering components find a place on the market again

An engineering company that lost its traditional markets is trying to pick up the pieces
and restart its business with the assistance of our experts.

This traditional company has a long history
– initially manufacturing armaments
and now farm machinery components.

Located in Tovarníky, TOPOS is a plant with 70 years’ history in heavy engineering production and a major challenge ahead – successfully changing its production portfolio. The company has shifted its focus to agricultural machinery components and we’re helping it find the right people to drive the company’s success and sign long-term contracts with globally renowned manufacturers. Thanks to our investment, the company has some extra time to find a way to re-establish the stability it enjoyed in the past.

70 years

of engineering tradition in


standard working hours a year

„One of the crucial goals in Slovakia’s regions is for traditional companies to maintain their production capacity. When we invested in TOPOS, it was a company that had lost its traditional markets, plus it desperately needed to buy time to shift its production focus. I am certain that, with a suitable business strategy and the right people on the project, it will be a success.“
Martin Koreň, Investment Manager
A traditional engineering manufacturer of combat vehicles that was forced to change course after 1989, shifting to agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and handling equipment components.
7,2 hectares

of factory grounds and premises

24,000 m2

of manufacturing plant floor space

“ARKON a.s. made it possible for us to restart our company, establish a transparent corporate culture, and rebuild our reputation as a trustworthy company in the eyes of our business partners. We aim to be a reliable and flexible supplier whose communication is correct and effective.”
Peter Závodský, CEO Topos

in figures

2017 ARKON invests in TOPOS as a shareholder
200 employees
10,000,000 euro of annual sales

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