More industrial robots does not mean more problems – not if you have cutting-edge technology…

An increasing number of responsible companies consider the natural
environment just as important as their own products. However, the sphere
of industrial robot maintenance seems to have been ignoring nature.
eROBOT is determined to change this.

Tireless and nature-friendly robots of tomorrow

The world’s “robot population” is growing on a massive scale. Within the next 10 years, it is estimated to grow 5 times its current size. Today, probably the biggest weakness of all robots is the progressive deterioration of gear module lubricants that ensure all parts operate smoothly. Lubricants still have to be changed on a regular basis, however, which leads to large quantities of non-ecological waste. Thanks to eROBOT’s unique solution, such lubricating oil can now be reused.

What’s more, the solution comes with another benefit that allows manufacturing companies to predict malfunction early and take appropriate measures flexibly – to such an extent that even self-maintenance is possible and both servicing and waste are practically reduced to zero.

10 million

robots in 10 years from now

5 times

the number of industrial robots in 10 years’ time


lower likelihood of malfunction


ecological robot operation


higher robot lifetime

“This investment turned out to be the perfect combination: an experienced professional who knows every soft spot of using industrial robots on a massive scale; an excellent idea that not only solves a pressing issue but also protects the natural environment; and great potential to use the solution in all industries. Since the solution involves tangible hardware, intelligent software and an idea that originated in Slovakia, we were all too happy to make an investment here.“
Martin Koreň, Investment Manager
“Facing considerable competition, manufacturing companies naturally seek ways of reducing their production costs. We are here to help them expand their spheres of application, extending the lifetime of their robots, securing their parameters for a long time to come, and opening new possibilities of using robots. At the same time, we are here to make robot maintenance simpler without any production delays. This has always been my dream. After several years of development, I kept looking for an investor willing to share my passion for robots – and I finally found the perfect partner in ARKON.”
Ľubomír Ilečko, CEO



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