A new look for Zvolen

Stability, safety, modern living, and an attractive popular location
– these are the essential qualities of Rezidencia HRON,
which is set to expand to meet demand and give Zvolen a new look.

Modern housing in Zvolen

Living in new, modern accommodation units in Zvolen combines reliability, functionality, tranquillity and modernity within reach of the city centre. A safe living area that includes spacious areas in-between the units and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and hills.

Our ambition was to provide modern and stylish housing near the centre of Zvolen – for anyone looking for quality and pleasant, family-oriented living in a new home.

Phase 2 will soon provide up to 83 flats and has a similar architectural design to Phase 1 of the project.

90 flats in 3 units

built in Phase 1

„When we acquired the project, we knew that this location would take a bit of daring, not just in terms of project implementation, but also space planning. It’s safe to say that there are quite a few locals in Zvolen who are clearly unafraid of the new and are keen to set trends. Rezidencia Hron has found its owners,” said Ivana Nuchalik, Real Estate Sales Manager at ARKON, a.s, describing the initial project phase.
Ivana Nuchalik, Real Estate Sales Manager
83 flats

planned for Phase 2


The year Rezidencia HRON 2
is scheduled for completion.

„Phase 1 of Rezidencia HRON is one of the best projects we have ever been involved in. Since ARKON had no intention of reducing the quality (as a matter of fact they insisted on quality right from the start), our cooperation was harmonious and the result was a high quality outcome. If a developer gives preference to a high-quality layout, the way ARKON, including convenient parking spaces, gardens, and high-quality materials, the project architects will be able to turn the original plan into a detailed and attractive design.“
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