A new story in the heart of Banská Bystrica

When you are building in the centre of a large city, you need more than just an architect’s plan.
It is only when your project is based on a grand idea that you can write a new story
with the potential to win thousands of admirers.

Bringing an abandoned area
back to the people

Located in the heart of Banská Bystrica, the premises of the former factory Slovenka are an enchanting place. However, it is currently a busy traffic hub rather than a major public space enjoyed by the locals – and this is where our project SLOVENKA2 comes in. Our plan is to create an integrated inner-city quarter characterised by unique architectural design – a place that combines residential premises, office spaces, shops, and leisure time activities. We seek to give Banská Bystrica the new cultural and social centre it deserves and bring a long-abandoned area back to the people.

Q2 2017

land purchase contract signed

100 million euro

of total estimated
investment costs

„When implementing a project, we primarily focus on the people it affects. SLOVENKA2 gives us an opportunity to show that it is possible to build a new quarter in the heart of a city – and bring benefits to both the locals and visitors to Banská Bystrica. We want this project to become the new heart of the city.“
Marek Marcinek, Head of Real Estate
"Every developer aims to make their project a success story. At ARKON, however, success is understood in different terms, and I must say that, in the course of my professional career, I haven’t seen such a comprehensive approach anywhere else before. Although they naturally expect their project to be financially successful as well, they pay an equal amount of attention to ensuring that the area is pleasant to live in and the quarter and the city as a whole are qualitatively better off. Plus, they also make sure that everyone involved remains positive throughout the whole process, which is very important for architects like us."
Juraj Benetin, Compass architekti
4,7 hectares

total development area

Slovenka is a place known in many stories told by people from Banská Bystrica. They used to bend wood for chairs, which often reached people on overseas markets, and weave fabric for blankets, boots, and slippers for the Czechoslovak market. Slovenka’s premises were behind many successes of the Slovak fashion industry. The planned quarter will breathe new life into the location and make it part of history once again, ensuring that Slovenka’s story continues into the future.
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