Co-writing a story about potentially world-changing technology

Some ideas evolve into impressive business success stories,
but others have the potential to change the world as we know it.

Geothermal energy within reach

Slovakia is home to many brilliant ideas. They deserve the right support, so they can help their country, and the world beyond. With cutting-edge technology, GA Drilling is a company ambitious enough to try and change the world! Thanks to GA Drilling, geothermal energy – the only renewable energy source available 24 hours a day – could soon be within reach. A good enough reason for us to support the company!


unique technological
inventions and solutions


years of research
and developmen


degrees Celsius
– the temperature of plasma
for drilling and milling

„When making investments, we seek products and solutions that can benefit from our support. GA Drilling began as a start-up venture, and today it’s close to its first commercial application. The company has developed ambitious low-cost technology to make geothermal energy available – not only in Slovakia, but also globally. We’re proud to be part of their ambition to give the world cheap and clean energy and change the world for the better.“
Martin Koreň, Investment Manager
„In ARKON, we have found a reliable and long-term partner whose support goes beyond funding. ARKON’s management team are our partners in strategic decision-making, and they also support us when it comes to corporate growth and searching for business opportunities. I really appreciate the firm footing that ARKON has put our vision on.“
Igor Kočiš, CEO GA Driling

GA Drilling
in figures

2016 ARKON becomes a shareholder
110+ employees
4,000 m2 world-class technology centre

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