Specialised containers have a bright future and so does their manufacturer thanks to our initiative

It does not take any special skills to produce a conventional shipping container.
But turning several containers into a specialised control centre or a compressor station is an entirely different matter.
Constahl is one of a handful of manufacturers that supply containers for such unique solutions.

Containers with added value

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody says “shipping container”? An elongated metal box used for goods transported by ships or lorries? That is the kind of container Constahl used to produce. Then the time came to give them “added value” and they developed highly specialised, custom-made containers, for a wide variety of industrial purposes.

36 000

man-hour capacity p.a.

18 m

is the length of a container
for housing data centre technology

If you can cater to your client’s needs with a custom-made solution, they are bound to stay happy and loyal to you for a long time. Constahl is a case in point: they switched from mass manufacturing of containers to custom production solutions for special purposes. This move was exactly what caught our eye – because we are always looking for unique solutions and producers who are not afraid to set themselves apart from their competitors.
„Although we found Constahl almost literally on their death bed, we managed to save the company. Our investment was motivated by our firm belief in the future of shipping container solutions and we knew that Constahl had a reputation as a producer of top-quality specialised containers.“
Michal Nuchalik, CEO Constahl

in figures

2018 ARKON became a shareholder
30 employees
1,500,000 euro of annual sales

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