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„We always seek to grasp every opportunity as a strategic investor. We put together the right team of people who will do their best to develop the investment opportunity. We also leave sufficient room for the management to grow the company and ensure long-term and stable growth. That is the kind of approach to creating long-lasting value we enjoy.“

Andrej Konkoľ, ARKON’s CEO and Founder

ARKON team members

10 years

of stability on the market


investment and development projects

Andrej Konkoľ

CEO and Founder

When I established ARKON as a follow-up to my early entrepreneurial activities in 2010, I wanted to put together the right team of people and find a niche on the market for my company. Today, with people I value as friends and not just colleagues, we work together on our strategy as a team, developing our company to avoid being bored. I am happy that we have remained a small flexible company despite the volume of our business activities. Another thing I really appreciate is that we are capable of setting and achieving ambitious goals.

Ivana Nuchalik

Real Estate Sales Manager

I really appreciate the fact that my work at ARKON always revolves around people. When working on development projects, I look after our clients from the moment of first contact to the moment they purchase a flat. All along, I work in a team of people who are very inspiring and close to me both professionally and personally. ARKON is made up of people who look after one another with great interest – a value that I consider invaluable.

Martin Koreň

Investment Manager

My experience in banking tells me that investments can be made in hundreds of ways. ARKON approaches every investment with great care, making every effort to leave each company and the people around with more value than ARKON’s own share in the profit. I really enjoy the fact that I can look for investment opportunities for ARKON and take care of our investments subsequently. With Andrej’s support and benevolence, I can also enjoy a fair amount of freedom to do my job. Andrej certainly has a common touch and seems ready to face any number of challenges.

Martina Švecová

Credit Specialist

At ARKON, I am responsible for our companies’ credit portfolio and communication with banks. I prepare financial documentation for our projects, allowing our project managers to focus on developing our investments. ARKON has literally been my second family since 2008. What I really appreciate is that our company’s top value is care – be it within the company or with regard to our customers. We are a solid team capable of making progress even in turbulent times.

Renáta Mikušová

Head of Finance

As head of ARKON’s finance department, I am responsible for the company’s financial policy. I manage activities in the spheres of controlling, accounting, and cash-flow management. I’m in charge of our company’s budgeting, analytical reports, financial analysis, and technical support for the documentation our colleagues prepare for bank institutions. When I was looking for new challenges several years ago, Andrej approached me with his idea for a good company with the right vision and values. Thanks to its superb team of colleagues and friends, ARKON really is a place that provides me with plenty of room for both personal and professional growth. I really appreciate that all of us do our jobs dutifully, sensibly, and responsibly.

Jarmila Kaššová

Project Engineering Coordinator

My job at ARKON revolves around engineering, which practically means support for development projects. I’m technically-oriented and my job at ARKON is everything I could wish for – excellent people, freedom to solve things to the best of my knowledge, and room for self-fulfilment. The best thing about ARKON, however, is that we are always consistent when pursuing our goals. These are the reasons why I’ve been loyal to ARKON from the very beginning.

Marek Marcinek

Head of Real Estate

I have the honour of being part of ARKON since its establishment. When Andrej introduced me to his vision, I didn’t hesitate for a nanosecond. Since then, I’ve been responsible for the development of our projects, helping our colleagues ensure everything runs smoothly. I’m sure that our high-quality achievements come from the common touch our company is based on – a bottomless source of energy that drives us forwards and helps us grow.

Radoslava Bačíková

Office Manager

Although relatively small, ARKON can do wonders at times. I am happy to be part of a team who are not only determined and highly motivated to achieve their well-defined and sensible goals but also considerate when it comes to the underprivileged, helping the country and its people, as well as one another. My job at ARKON involves managing administrative tasks to support the top management and the rest of the staff. As a point of first contact, I do my best to maintain the pleasant atmosphere our company has enjoyed and relied on for a long time now.

Matúš Dunaj

Business Development Manager

At ARKON, I help create our corporate strategy, actively searching for potential projects, commercial partnerships, and business opportunities. I appreciate the responsibility I have been given, as well as the fact that I can be part of the company’s transaction processes and project deliveries, whose complexity helps me grow immensely. Although we tend to work on highly valuable projects, the atmosphere in our company remains relaxed and friendly.

Roman Dorov

Health and Safety Manager

My first project at ARKON was Galéria Lučenec. Since everything just clicked between me and the management almost instantly, I was more than happy to stay on. My job involves introducing, maintaining and checking the system components on all levels of Professional Health and Safety regulations. I strongly believe that, if well managed, professional health and safety can not only save a lot of money but also increase the company’s productivity. Needless to say, it can also boost our project-related reputation at the end of the day.

Marián Murín

Senior Finance Manager

My first contact with ARKON came when I was hired as an accountant when the company was being launched. I gradually got to know the company’s management better, and the idea of working with ARKON soon began to grow on me. Today, I am responsible for the economic side of our projects, including calculations, cash flow planning, and periodic project performance assessment. I really appreciate ARKON’s responsible approach to the environment in each and every investment.

Silvia Halvelandová

HR & Communications Manager

After a decade of working in a huge global company, I longed to work in a small team, where people are really close to each other. ARKON's value approach appealed to me immediately. Right after the first meeting I knew I wanted to be a part of this story. At ARKON, I coordinate internal and external communication and try to help educate and develop people and create the best possible working conditions. And I look forward to every wise person I can help to become part of the ARKON family.

Michal Jakobei

Technical Manager

Luckily, I have been closely associated with ARKON throughout my entire career. During my university studies, my practical training at ARKON involved working on a number of real estate projects. Today, it is my full-time responsibility to ensure that our projects meet all technical requirements prior to construction. It is by no means just an empty phrase that ARKON combines a friendly atmosphere with a wonderful team. Far from it! Thanks to the helpful people, everyone at ARKON has plenty of room to grow.

Tomáš Zverbík

Technology & Innovations Manager

Working at ARKON enables me to tear down stereotypes and make the company more modern and digital in the process. Andrej has created the perfect working environment that offers plenty of room for creativity and transparent communication. If I throw in my communication skills into the mix and consider just how highly experienced my friendly colleagues are, our know-how and enthusiasm are bound to generate success. I have never been this close to successful business and strategic decision-making in my entire career. It’s a great opportunity to learn new things and make significant progress.

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