URBAN Shopping Centre: Košice’s icon is back in town

Boasting the most attractive pedestrian zone in the country, Košice has long been
proud of having the department store built back in 1968 at the end of the High Street.
Our ARKON team recently saw it was high time we breathed new life into
this icon of a building, so we decided to let it shine again in full glory as URBAN
Shopping Centre in the spring of 2021.

Sensitive refurbishment
orchestrated by ARKON

The state-of-the-art shopping centre will bring new content to the area, boasting beautiful interiors and a well-thought-out array of services. Unique food, a premium cinema, all essential goods and services in one place, and offices with unique views will no doubt tempt people to pop into URBAN on a daily basis.

URBAN Shopping Centre caters for the uniquely attractive areas of Košice’s High Street and Old Town, characterised by the highest concentration of institutions, schools, public offices and other points of interests. Thank to sensitive refurbishment, the iconic building will keep its characteristic façade for decades to come.

48 000 people

in the area every day

8 000 m2

of retail space

1 600 m2

of office space

“Košice’s High Street has always been known to feature a department store and the citizens have always been proud of it accordingly. The location of the building is both attractive and convenient, which is why we see this investment of ours as not only beneficial to the city, but also worthwhile in financial terms.”
Matúš Dunaj, Business Development Manager
Spring 2021

expected opening



“In URBAN Shopping Centre, our ambition is to create powerful synergies. An extended portfolio of daily goods and services will make it possible for the employees working in the upstairs offices and other visitors to buy everything they need and sort things out in one and the same building.”
Peter Pohanka, Director, Fundamental

Attraction zone:

14 000 people Secondary schools and universities
30 000 people Residents within walking distance
2 500 people Public offices and businesses
1 500 people Arts and culture

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